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What To Expect at Your Appointments

At Peak Performance Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on our personalized one on one care.

Each patient receives up to one hour of treatment at each visit. All treatments are performed by licensed Physical therapists and certified Physical therapy assistants. Exercises are supervised to ensure correct technique and to minimize risk of further injury. Each patient is instructed in a home exercise program that complements what is performed in the clinic: responsibility for your own recovery is crucial to maximize your functional potential.

What do I need to bring to
my first appointment?

We recommend that you arrive in or bring a comfortable change of clothes. For lower extremity and spine diagnoses, shorts are appropriate. For upper extremity and cervical diagnoses, a tank top or T-shirt is preferred.

Please come prepared with all necessary paperwork completed. Paperwork can be downloaded from our New Patient section or faxed / emailed to you by our office manager. If you have any notes from your physician, or test results, you may bring them as well.

Want to Learn More About the Peak Performance Approach?

Visit our Therapy section or call us at (303) 870-8242 for Castle Rock or (303) 880-8095 for Aurora.